Relax and stop looking ……you’ve already got your gown!!

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As Independant Bridal Retailers ,here at cherish bridal we are increasingly seeing more and hearing about more brides who are having wobbles about their choice of gown and if it truly is ‘the one’ !

In our experience 99.9% of the time the bride has chosen ‘the one’  and there are no doubts .

The other 0.01%  are what we call the ‘what if ‘ brides who have a wobble and don’t want to stop trying on or looking ‘just in case’.

We seem to be hearing about and experiencing first hand the ‘what if bride’ more and more lately , hence the reason for this blog!

So here is our take on the subject…………


  1. Now that you’ve found your dream gown, STOP LOOKING AND SHOPPING !! — it will only make you nuts if you keep looking at dresses that you may like even more. Yours is great! Now just look forward to showing everyone on the big day.

Take a break from social media.

2. The internet can be a great place to find dress inspiration, but it can also drive you absolutely crazy!. You may find a dress that you adore, but looking at Instagram or Pinterest might make you fall in love with a completely different gown (that may not even be in your price range) and doubt your initial choice. It may be a good idea to take a little social media cleanse while dress shopping so you can stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on what looks amazing on you, not what looks cool on the internet.


3. When you’re thinking you’ve chosen the wrong wedding dress, chances are that you’re overthinking it – one of those things that happens  (temporarily, don’t worry!). It’s totally normal for brides to begin to question their dream dress, but when it gets to the big day, those magical feelings you had when you first put it on come flooding back! Trust us on this one!.


4. Ask your bridal consultant’s advice if you are having wobbles about your dress! Chances are they will be able to arrange another try on of the gown and settle your mind that you have made the right choice for your special day and there’s nothing to worry about ! Have confidence in yourself and trust your consultant that you have chosen the right dress , you will look stunning on your wedding day!


5. Don’t look at photos of yourself in the dresses you tried on ,or the one your chose (some shops won’t allow pics )….Its not ‘your’ actual dress .It might have been pinned or held around you or sponges down your back – and we all have a habit of picking at our body shapes or features on photos and ripping ourselves to shreds – Its important to REMEMBER HOW YOU FELT when you looked in the mirror when wearing your dress ! Its what made you go for it isn’t it ?


6. Its about what YOU love and no-one else ! Showing photos to people of what you chose will also add unnecessary stress as it might not be what they envisioned you to wear….BECAUSE THEIR TASTE IS DIFFERENT TO YOURS ! You can’t please everyone – so make sure you choose what YOU love !!

Happy dress hunting !

From all at Cherish x







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