In August 2018 my partner of 12 years proposed on my 40th birthday in Greece, totally unexpected. Once our holiday had finished I had some serious planning to do, (as someone who likes to plan this was fab). I had an idea of the dress that I wanted and started looking, in the meantime I had the location and venue all booked and the guests invited to our little piece of heaven in Zakynthos, Greece, all sorted by the end of September. We were getting married on 4th July 2019 with 19 of our close friends and family joining us.
As I mentioned, I had an idea of what dress I wanted, which my friends found hilarious as I’m not exactly a dressy type of girl. Anyway, I left so many voicemails at wedding dress shops all over the country asking if they had Plymouth by Opulence, ideally in blue. I never heard back from anyone, until 2 days later Tracy called me from Cherish Bridal, a pleasantry to say that she’d got my message, but also to advise that she didn’t have the dress that I was looking for but she’d have a ring to the designer and get back to me. Within a couple of hours she called me back, she’d found one but it was in pink, it was also in another country but it was my size!! I don’t think she’d even finished asking me “do you want me to get it shipped over” and I was saying yes, let me know when its there and i’ll come and try it on. It would be there by the following Friday, the same day I drove down to try it on. I lived in Liverpool and she was in Northwich so not too far.
Upon arriving at the shop, Tracy met me with a big hug and helped me get into the dress, (was on my own as I wanted to make the decision for myself,) plus I had a feeling that Tracy would be honest-  It fitted perfectly, closed the deal, paid and agreed to speak in the new year to arrange fittings and slight alterations, this was all done by the first week in October!!
Then I decided to throw a spanner in the works, we went to Spain at New Year and bought a house, to live in, and we moved the following April 19, 3 months . Leaving table decorations, favours and chair covers with family and friends to bring over to the wedding, we drove across to our new home!!!! May came along and I flew over to Manchester, along with my maid of honour to have my first fitting, as I was wearing wedding pumps I needed a bit taking off the bottom but I was determined not to have the dress let out, as it happens I only needed a couple more inches to loose….result!!. 2 weeks before we were due to fly out for our wedding, I flew back to the UK for the final fitting, with my dads wife joining me, lots of oos and ahhs and a couple of tears too. the dress was perfect, it was then packed amazingly in my bride dress box and given to my dad to bring to the airport with him, I flew home the same day.
Anyway, throughout all of this process, Tracy was amazing, she made me feel like I was the most important person in her shop, I can’t recommend her knowledge, her ability to get what you want and also to make you feel special, enough. Tracy you’ve earnt your reputation and it shows, thank you for everything.
We all arrived at our dream wedding location, in ridiculous heat, think it peaked at 48. With the great instructions provided my maid of honour got me into my dress, did my hair and I was ready…………everything was beautiful and after everything, I wore my dress for an hour. After the service, photos and drinks, my new husband and I jumped into the pool, fully clothed!!!!.
This lady knows her stuff xxx