We talk to brides frequently about their experiences when gown shopping….here are a few tips to help make that process a little easier for you ladies..!

1. Don’t dress shop Before you’ve Set the Date and Venue.

We know you’re excited , newly engaged and want to start looking as soon as possible but having a wedding date to work towards is most important.

Whenever a bride comes in and you don’t have the date and the venue set, we really don’t know where to start because we don’t know what your time frame is, and it really is all about the time frame.

Many gown designers take four to eight months to produce a gown,so if you’re not sure what timeline you’re working with, bridal consultants might not know what dresses to show you.Gowns are also discontinued at differing times of the year so the potential to see a gown that might go off sale is higher if the style is already a few seasons old.

2. Don’t Bring Too Many People to your consultation.
More people equals more opinions and most of the time you’re not always going to agree so it’s really important that YOU choose only those whose opinions you really value.You cant please all the people all the time,so please yourself !!

3. Don’t Forget to Factor Alterations Into Your costings. 
To keep expectations in check, be sure to set a budget that includes alteration costs. Alterations could be over and above a £100 and if there are any changes that need to be made to the dress, and your bridesmaids gowns  , those all have costs involved and really can significantly add to your budget cost.

4. Don’t discount ‘ Fashionable for the time ‘ Dresses. 

Often sometimes brides say, ‘I really love this dress, but I know it’s kind of fashionable right now so I think I should wear something a bit more timeless because what am I going to say about this picture in 15 years?  What we suggest is , You’re not getting married 15 years from now, you’re getting married in the next  6-18 months! It’s not about whether or not your dress is timeless or not, it’s about your special day, and that whole day should be preserved as that moment in time.

5. Don’t Get Photo Happy .
We understand brides want to take photos of their dress, and sometimes family members or friends can’t make it to the consultation. But we always try discourage them from taking photos, mainly because most of the photos today are taken with phones and often times the way the dress photographs, isn’t the way it really looks . So the person that’s receiving the photo on the other end is seeing something completely different than what the bride is seeing, and she may not get the answer that she secretly wants, and could be upset. Also, emailed pictures of the dress can be accidentally posted, or shared with people that weren’t supposed to see it, When it’s absolutely necessary, we suggest to them to either Facetime or Skype in real time, because you can actually speak to relatives or friends about any of the differences, and those images aren’t going to be saved.

6.Don’t fall in love with the ‘ idea’of your dress.

Fall in love with how the dress looks on you. You may head into your appointment with a certain shape or specific designer in mind, only to try it on and have it be anything but flattering. So even though your heart may be set on a certain style,we always say to keep an open mind. Try on a few wild cards, try dresses your consultant suggests,they know what will suit you.So many times we see brides who order and leave with a dress they wouldn’t have tried on otherwise!

7. Move , move,move!
Of course dresses look great on as you are standing on a pedestal and sucking it in, but brides don’t realize that to sit in the gown is very important so don’t leave sitting down in it until you try to put on your shoes an hour before the wedding!

We always ask our brides to sit, or do whatever you need to do to make sure you are nothing but comfortable on your wedding day. Brides forget they will  be in this dress for at least eight hours. Grimacing on the day because you are uncomfortable isn’t a good look!

8.Saying yes to the dress doesn’t always come with tears.

We’ve all heard that storywhere choosing your dress goes along with tears. Many brides reactions are, ” Looks good.” No tears. No tissues. Nothing. Its not that you don’t love the dress. It’s just that some brides are probably not a very emotional person to begin with. Relatives may not show any feelings  either, it doesnt mean the gown isn’t for you.

Brides who don’t cry, sometimes question their dress choice every day leading up to the wedding. what they don’t realize is that the reaction was completely normal, because it was their personality . So just know that however you react to your ultimate dress is completely okay — tears or not cialis generika kaufen rezeptfrei bestellen.Not everyone gets that WOW factor moment….go with your heart, gut or whatever way you feel that the gown is ‘THE ONE ‘ , its perfectly acceptable.

9. Gown overload…..!

Try not to book too many appointments in one day.Give yourself time between each one to digest what you have tried already or your head will be mashed with gowns you’ve tried and you wont remember things like how you felt,how you looked and the detail on the dress,it will be one great big blur!

Take your time,savor the journey,enjoy and open your mind. We always try an average of 6-8 gowns in one consultation , choosing differing styles,fabrics and colours to see what suits best.

BE RUTHLESS! Don’t keep gowns on your like list unless they really are contenders to go back to try on again, it adds to your confusion.


We hope these little gems of info help you on your journey to find your dream gown…..happy searching ladies and congratulations!











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