Don’t judge a book by its cover…you may be missing out on a great story.

Beth entered our shop this year , like a whirlwind , full of excitement explaining that she and her fiance lee had booked their wedding for this year !

I was expecting her to say towards the end of the year , but no! ….they had booked for 27th april this year due to finding a deal not to be missed ,meaning they didnt have to wait anymore to get married – they could have the wedding they wanted much sooner !!

Hartford church ,St Johns , £1000 WEDDING OFFER  announced they were offering limited dates for couples who wanted to get married but were looking to keep costs to a minimum . They were offering a fantastic deal on the whole wedding ,so Beth and Lee saw this as a brilliant chance to save money and get married !!

Beth was so excited to try on with us now their wedding was booked so we sorted an #appointment asap !

Beth and her family arrived for the appointment and we picked out a few styles for her to try on – heres beths story ……

“”So.. i went in to tracy at #Cherish #Bridal very last minute, as our #wedding was booked very last minute. I had no idea what i wanted other than that i loved #lace. I always thought i would go for something with sleeves as thats what im usually comfortable in. I went into tracys shop and was greeted with a huge smile and some fizz! Luxury! I told tracy that i liked lace and how my wedding was in about 7 weeks! So.. off she went.. she picked out 5 #dresses for me and hung them up.. i spotted it there and then! I pointed to the dress and i remember tracy saying this was the one she was picturing me in! I tried the dress on, came out from behind the curtains and wow, just wow! I had found my perfect dress, no need to try anymore on. Tracy got some #hair pieces and a #veil for me to try on and it completed the look, i felt beautiful! “”

We were sorted !! Beth loved her dress and mum & sister caz agreed it was perfect !!

What makes this story even more special is that beths family had visited me before for beths sister carolines dress when she was searching and she found her dress here at Cherish too – it so nice to be able to be part of both sisters’ special days !!

We are so pleased that Beth and lee had a fantastic #wedding day , even storm hannah didn’t dampen their day !!

Congratulations to them both – we look forward to seeing more photos when they return from honeymoon !!

NB : Their story made the news the day after – The daily mail picked up on it and BBC breakfast news did a short piece too …how amazing is that !!