6 wedding day survival tips for the introvert.

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Are you shy ? Are you overwhelmed by large crowds? Do you hate being the centre of attention? Need alone time to recharge? Here are our 6 wedding day survival tips for the introvert.You may be excited for your wedding,but chances are, you’re also dreading the whole all eyes on you all night, small talk with people you haven’t seen for years, and the constant front and centre aspect of it. Whether you’re planning a large wedding or more intimate one though, there are certain things you can do to help minimize feeling anxious and eliminate of some of those pre-wedding nerves.



Its not wrong to feel shy on your big day…

Face the front

For brides (and grooms) with stage fright, we advise couples not face each other during the ceremony but angle their bodies a bit toward the Registrar or Vicar. This will allow family and guests to view the ceremony and still feel connected to the bride and groom but give the couple a ‘safe place’ to focus on each other and their special moment,whilst not feeling like a million eyes are entering their personal space.

Keep it small.
Lets face it, the less small talk you have to do the better, right? If you can talk with your fiancé about your wishes for a quieter ceremony and he is also on board, a smaller wedding that really only includes your nearest and dearest family and friends is definitely the way to go, this way, you aren’t bombarded by people or family you hardly know.Make sure you keep a firm hand on your guest list incase it suddenly grows with people who have invited themselves or a family member decides  ‘such and such’ has to come because it might upset the applecart.

Do a first look.
If you’re shy, the last thing you want is the added stress and pressure of seeing your soon to be hubby for the first time in front of a crowd of people.Work with your wedding planner if you have one and your photographer to arrange a more intimate and private first look instead. It really takes away some of the nerves for the rest of your day together. Alan Harding ,from alan harding photography an established awarding winning photographer says “we always like to break the ice gently with our brides and grooms, sometimes even a cheeky one liner when at the house on the morning of the wedding or arriving at the church can just settle a few nerves enough to help them focus less on the fact they feel on show to their guests and make them feel secure.In our experience we can usually read our bride and grooms personalities when we meet them pre-wedding day and if they are a little shy we will always be sensitive to their wishes and ensure they feel comfortable with any shots they have taken during the day.”

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Face each other when saying your vows…!

Schedule in some alone time.
Weddings are pretty hectic, and unfortunately for those who dont like the limelight, there’s not a lot of down time involved. That’s why Cherish bridal recommends taking some breaks throughout the day to recharge and prepare yourself for all the attention you’re bound to get.Arrange with your venue some quiet space for you and your hubby to gather yourself together and freshen up to recieve your guests later in the evening,or take time out in your bridal suite to just ‘be together’ and the constant feeling of ensuring your guests are well looked after.They will understand if you dissapear for a while.

Don’t do your first dance.
There’s no need to be the centre of attention if the mere thought of it makes you dread this part of the day.With over a decade of experience and many prestigious awards,John norcott singer,DJ & compere says “As an entertainer you always need to be sensitive to how the bride and groom want the day to run. Even the most shy person will want entertaining but if I know that the bride or groom are particularly shy it is usually speeches and first dance that make people nervous. When it comes to speeches I point out that the people at the wedding are all on their side and so there is nothing to worry about. When I comes to the first dance I suggest inviting all the guests to stand around the outside of the dance-floor which may sound more intimidating but what I do is once the photographer has got pictures of the bride and groom I invite the guests to join them on the dance floor. This means they have the pictures but were in the lime light for just a couple of minutes and also gets the dancing started ready for me singing.”

Skip the sweetheart table.
And any other ideas that shine a spotlight on you like throwing your bouquet, or a toastmasters announcement entrance! There are so many ways to get creative while still keeping your special day just as special. For example, you could sit at one of your guest’s tables filled with a small group of your favorite people,or with family members that will help you cope with being in the spotlight for the day, you don’t even have to have a traditional ‘top table’ if you feel that being sat in front of all your guests is just too overwhelming!

Don’t be worried about upsetting anyone if you don’t stick to the traditional typical wedding of standing in front of people cutting your cake or standing greeting your guests in a wedding line , if your guests know you and your husband well they will realise its what you want thats important and lets face it they shouldn’t want you you do anything that makes you fell less than special on your big day no matter what they feel is the ‘done thing’ at a wedding.

Take a little time to breathe during the day and watch the day unfold,too many times we hear that couples are sad the day went so quickly and they want to do it all again. Take a step back and enjoy YOUR day.